Data Protection & Demonstration

Data Protection is a key to conduct a fair, ethical and respectful research. At MobilePass, we commit us to ensure the protection of the personal data that are collected during our activities. These data are used for the sole purpose of our research and this is guaranteed through different steps:

  • For the development of our device, the collection of biometric and passport data has been done upon the signature of this this informed consent by the volunteers
  • For the setting up of the MobilePass demonstration in Romania, several measures were undertaken:
    • The Consortium required to the Romanian Data Protection Authority the "DPA Notification", an oficial authorization for gathering data from volunteers crossing the border for the purpose of its research
    • A "Controller/Processor Agreement" was signed between the Romanian Border Police and AIT, who will work on the data for achieving the goals of the project. In addition, AIT signed the "Processor/Subprocessor Agreement" with other partners from the Consortium involved in this task, to guarantee a work on data compliant with privacy. 
    • A specific informed consent has been prepared for the volunteers testing the MobilePass device while crossing the border. This document is available in English, Romanian and Russian.
    • To gather the opinion of the border guards working with the device and the travellers testing this new border crossing process, a feedback survey is also available for the participants.

Don't waver to contact us if you have any further questions on this topic!