AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) will contribute to the project by the Safety and Security Department with the “Intelligent Vision Systems (IVS)” research area. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is an Austrian research institute with a European format and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. The AIT, which comprises five independent and performance-driven departments (Energy, Mobility, Health & Environment, Safety & Security and Foresight & Policy Development), works in close collaboration with industry and customers from public institutions, striving to increase their added value through innovation and new technologies. The IVS area brings its know-how on video technologies into the project. Intelligent vision technologies constitute an essential pillar for innovative safety and security solutions. The IVS area comprises the skills of more than 60 experts and all the department’s image and video processing research. The overall goal of the IVS area is to transform the ever increasing amount of raw visual data into valuable information for future secure environments. Research and development spans the entire image processing chain, from the sensor through highperformance signal processing and image analysis to user interaction and visualization of results. One of the major targeted fields of application in the area is surveillance and video security.